How To Make Homemade Coconut Butter In 5 Minutes

Coconut butter is nothing more than the pureed meat of dried, unsweetened, shredded coconut. It’s a versatile staple with tons of healthy fat and lauric acid from the coconuts. Store-bought coconut butter costs a fortune, but you can save a ton by making it yourself, at home, in 5 minutes! Here’s how!

Spontaneity In The Real Food Kitchen + My CSA Pasta Recipe

I have a bent toward perfectionism — even to the point that, if I make a mistake when writing a grocery list, I will often wad up the paper, throw it in the trash, and start all over. I thrive in a clean, organized environment and am frequently re-organizing my already organized spaces in an attempt to make them even more organized. I am overly practical and have very little tolerance for frills and fuss. I am a do-er and find it difficult to sit still and just be.
In all this organization, list-making, doing, and planning, it might surprise you to know that I have an alternate ego — the Mr. Hyde to my usual Dr. Jekyll. This side of me flies by the seat of her pants. In this alternate mode, creativity flows, unlimited by a plan, to-do list, or the written menu on the fridge.

This is when I do some of my best work … like the recipe I’m sharing for one of our new family favorites: CSA Pasta!

Hello, World! I’m back … and boy, do I have lots to share!

I kinda feel like I’ve literally fallen off the face of the planet. I left East Texas four months ago and landed in the middle of nowhere — in northeastern Minnesota. The turn of events that brought my family and I to this place is nothing short of Divine. It was fast and furious. One day …

How To Get Picky Eaters To Pick Real Food

Dealing with picky eaters who won’t touch any of the nourishing Real Food you’re trying to serve? Here are my 14 tips for getting picky eaters to pick Real Food…hopefully without tantrums, fits, or pouty faces!

Nutritional Balancing or Dummies: Detox

Our bodies detox on their own every day. We don’t have to do or take anything to make that process happen. Detox is more efficient in some people than it is in others. How efficiently your body detoxes depends on numerous factors, including liver toxicity, metabolic rate, diet, stress level, sleep quality, and more.

If you are on a Nutritional Balancing program, it is likely that your body’s detoxification processes have slowed and are not as efficient as they should be. This causes things to get sort of “backed up”, and your liver/gallbladder can become sluggish, your skin may be broken out, or you may have classic lack-of-detox symptoms: headaches, brain fog, or a weakened immune system.

Our bodies have to process hundreds of thousands of toxins on a daily basis. Cleaning up your diet will go a long way toward reducing your body’s toxic load, but if your detox pathways have been slowed down for many years, diet alone is probably not enough to get things back where they need to be.
Today, I’m going to focus on another leg of the Nutritional Balancing chair: DETOX.

Want To Save Time In The Kitchen This Week? Do These Things TODAY!

I truly believe most families genuinely desire to change their lifestyle to incorporate more healthy, whole foods and meals made from scratch…However, they have one BIG legitimate concern: TIME. Learn the 14 things you can do today to save time in the kitchen this week!planning ahead. But those aren’t what you want to feed your family!

Super Simple Salsa Verde Chicken – Instant Pot or Slow Cooker {Paleo, Whole30}

A little spicy and a little smokey, this Super Simple Salsa Verde Chicken is a fast and easy weeknight staple. With less than 5 minutes of prep time involved, this nourishing, healthy, Whole30/Paleo recipe can be customized with tons of fun and flavorful toppings!

The Non-Toxic Mattress We Love For The Best Sleep Ever

I spent hours and hours searching for The One for us. I can’t even tell you how many websites I poured over, how many reviews I read, and how many companies I called. And I didn’t do all this in a weekend either. It took me a couple of years to educate myself so I would know what to look for and what questions to ask. I had to learn a lot about the toxicity of regular mattresses so I would know how to avoid potential toxicity in a greener bed.

What I Buy From Trader Joe’s

Our first experience at Trader Joe’s was about six months ago, so it’s a fairly new thing for our family to shop there. The nearest TJ’s is about two hours away, which means we’re not making regular treks to this store…

Nutritional Balancing For Dummies: DIET

Welcome to the Nutritional Balancing for Dummies series! Over the next few weeks, I’m going to dissect the four components of a Nutritional Balancing protocol and explain each one in layman’s terms. When you try to explain Nutritional Balancing to people, most of what you say typically goes right over their heads … because it’s A LOT of information. I lose people somewhere between “I take 24 pills a day” and “I love coffee enemas”.
Today’s post is an in-depth explanation of the diet aspect. I’m also going to explain how I’ve incorporated NB into my lifestyle and some exceptions to the “rules” that I’ve allowed on my program.