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The Hidden Cost of Junk Food + 16 Ideas To Stretch Your Budget

Whether you eat healthy or not, your food is costing you something. Cheap, processed food and junk foods, however, may result in disease, doctor bills, and hospital stays later on. Learn about the hidden cost of junk food + 16 ideas to stretch your food budget and afford more organic foods!

Homemade & Reusable Baby Wipes

I finally took the plunge from our very soft, overpriced brand of t.p. to a more natural brand: Seventh Generation. It has taken some adjusting because it’s just not as soft as what our pampered hineys are accustomed to. First world problems … sigh. But I like that this toilet paper isn’t bleached, doesn’t leave behind “fuzz”, is safe for septic systems, and is hypoallergenic.

And when I switched to a more natural t.p., I knew it was time to consider baby wipe alternatives.

I Don’t Vaccinate + Why I Don’t Mind If You Do

My husband and I walked out of that workshop speechless. Sure, we were dumbfounded at the junk that’s “approved” to go into vaccines. Of course we were shocked at the number of studies that proved vaccines contributed to health problems in adults and children.

We were speechless because we hadn’t thought of these things before.

Make It Through Sick Season (Support Your Immune System)

Guest-posting day again! Today, I’m sharing my tips for keeping your family and yourself well through sick season over at GNOWFGLINS. Make sure to click over there…

One Year of Coffee Enemas

One Year of Coffee Enemas

Last September, I bared it all and posted How I Take My Coffee (It’s Not What You Think)…

The Perfect Summer Mocktail (It’s detoxifying too!)

Today I want to share with you the beverage that makes summer bearable for me. It’s the drink I whip up in a matter of seconds when my armpits are soaked with sweat by 11:00 in the morning (yes, because that actually happens).

Pesto: Nut-Free & Lacto-Fermented

Pesto: Nut-Free & Lacto-Fermented

Learn how to whip up a quick and easy (and lacto-fermented) pesto without nuts!

5 Supplements to Consider This Year

2013 was a rough year for me. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I struggled with my gallbladder for half of the year. We moved and remodeled a home between March and July. It’s a lot for anyone to move and remodel (or have a baby, deal with illnesses, or lose a loved one…) in one year, but add everything else on top, and that’s a recipe for disaster!