Sometimes Antibiotics Are Necessary … But It Still Sucks

It stung a little when I peed … Uh-oh. I knew exactly what that feeling meant. I took my natural war on the UTI to Def-Con 5 because this crunchy mama don’t give up without a good, hard fight. Do you even know what a blow it is to maintain wonderful health for years, to fight something as common as a UTI with all the hippie weapons in your arsenal, and to still have to rely on allopathic medicine to “fix” it???

What If I Can’t Afford Organic Food?

I vividly remember my first trip to Whole Foods. The visions of organic coconut-rolled dates that were dancing in my head were crushed in about 45 seconds.

I bet I pushed my cart around for an hour, searching high and low, believing it was all somehow a mistake and that I would stumble upon the realistically priced food at any moment.
I think it’s a common misconception that if you’re not buying organic, pasture-raised, farmer’s market food, then the only alternative is processed crap.

That’s just not true. Continue reading if you’re feeling discouraged and guilty because you can’t afford organic food.

How To Get Picky Eaters To Pick Real Food

Dealing with picky eaters who won’t touch any of the nourishing Real Food you’re trying to serve? Here are my 14 tips for getting picky eaters to pick Real Food…hopefully without tantrums, fits, or pouty faces!

The Non-Toxic Mattress We Love For The Best Sleep Ever

I spent hours and hours searching for The One for us. I can’t even tell you how many websites I poured over, how many reviews I read, and how many companies I called. And I didn’t do all this in a weekend either. It took me a couple of years to educate myself so I would know what to look for and what questions to ask. I had to learn a lot about the toxicity of regular mattresses so I would know how to avoid potential toxicity in a greener bed.

Exploring Water Filtration Options

What is the healthiest way to drink your water? What is the best water to shower in? Learn everything you need to know about the water filtration options… the good, the bad, and the ugly! Learn all the options to get chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other toxins out of your water, too!

All About Avocado Oil

All About Avocado Oil

Is avocado oil a healthy, traditional fat? Can it be used in place of other liquid vegetable oils? Learn all about avocado oil and why you might consider it in your Real Food kitchen!

What We Discovered When We Spent the Night in Our Kids’ Room (+10 tips for creating a sleeping sanctuary for your kids!)

When my kids have trouble sleeping, it makes for a rough night for everyone. Recently, my husband and I spent a night in our kids’ room… and figured out why they were experiencing insomnia. We quickly set things right by creating a sleeping sanctuary for them. Here’s what we discovered and how we fixed it!

My Review of the Intellibed

I was so excited to “achieve the healthiest sleep yet” (according to their site) that any fears of a used mattress were soon allayed by my desire to go to bed and stay there for at least 29 days straight. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we were and how we fully expected to fall in love with our Intellibed. Except we didn’t…

What Is Nutritional Balancing?

Have you heard of the healing protocol known as Nutritional Balancing? This balancing, healing program incorporates all aspects of diet, lifestyle, supplementation, and detox to help people who struggle with chronic illness. What is Nutritional Balancing? Learn more here!

Why You Should Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon + Garlic & Rosemary Baked Salmon

Salmon taking sun-less tanning pills and teeming with lice?? If that sounds like something out of a weird nature documentary or sci-fi magazine, I thought so too. Actually, it’s real. And you might be eating that salmon if you’re not careful about where your salmon comes from.