The Hidden Cost of Junk Food + 16 Ideas To Stretch Your Budget

Did you know… you’re going to pay for your food one way or another?

If you choose life-giving, nourishing foods, it’s going to cost you financially.

If you choose cheap processed foods, it’s going to cost you financially.

The caveat, however, is HOW and WHEN it’s going to cost you. You see, those life-giving foods are going to cost you money at the grocery store. Yet, they’ll go into your body, nourishing it with minerals, vitamins, and all kinds of good things.

But those cheap processed foods? While you may save money today, you’ll very likely end up paying for them later on…

Those foods promote illness and inflammation. Cheap, processed convenience foods lead to dis-ease. Period.

Stretch Your Food Budget

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather pay a few extra dollars and cents for nourishing organic foods than to spend potentially tens of thousands of dollars on doctor fees and hospital bills and prescription medications.

Cheap food has a pretty hefty price tag in the long run.

So that you’re not feeling hopeless, I’ve also included lots of practical suggestions for finding some extra wiggle room in your own budget. If you’re like so many who want to eat Real Food but feel like you can’t afford it, these tips are for you!


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