David Dietz

Formerly addicted to Hot Pockets, Dr. Peppers, and Hershey bars, David is Lindsey’s husband (a.k.a. “The Hubs”). He now loves to eat roasted Brussels sprouts, bacon, and any cut of meat which was raised in a pasture and not in a feedlot. Despite being raised on spray “butter” and tubs of Country Crock, David is now an advocate for lots and lots of real butter. Also, bacon. Monday through Friday from 8-5, David is a network administrator for a Christian church and private school. He spends his free time programming, working on websites, playing the acoustic guitar, and playing with his kids -- usually Legos. He is the brains behind all the technical, back-end stuff on our website. David is tall, dark, and handsome (for realz), and enjoys mountain hikes and long walks on the beach. Also, he likes bacon. A lot. Sorry, ladies, he’s already taken.
For Real Food-Resistant Men

This is a post my wife has been urging me to write for a while now. Quite frankly, it’s been put off long enough. It’s time you ladies had a guy backing you up! I’m happy to oblige…at least now I am. I’m fairly positive that the majority of the readers of this post will be female, but I encourage my lady friends to take comfort in its words, then shove them in your partner’s face.