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How To Prepare A Coffee Enema

Have you noticed that I write about coffee enemas a lot? Every time I write about coffee enemas, the #1 question I get in the comments is, “How do I prepare the coffee enema?” And the #2 question is, “How much coffee do I use?” If you’re one of my readers who’s asking these questions, today’s post is for you!

6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During Your Period

Women’s bodies are miraculously wonderful! And our periods are a monthly reminder of this! However, periods can be hard, and our bodies need peace and rest. Learn 6 ways you can take care of yourself during your period — all naturall!

Periods: My Journey from Bad to Better

I’ve wanted to talk about lady issues for a while now, and I’ve finally worked up the courage to do it! I’m starting with my own story, including how I was put on hormonal therapy at the age of 15 and the worst advice I’ve ever received from a doctor. Yet, I overcame and got better; and so can you!

5 Unexpected Benefits of Coffee Enemas {for women!}

It’s no secret that I believe in the amazing benefits of coffee enemas. I’ve seen firsthand the healing power that coffee enemas have had on my digestive system. I was expecting that. However, I wasn’t expecting these 5 perks — and they’re all specific to being a woman!

Hello, World! I’m back … and boy, do I have lots to share!

I kinda feel like I’ve literally fallen off the face of the planet. I left East Texas four months ago and landed in the middle of nowhere — in northeastern Minnesota. The turn of events that brought my family and I to this place is nothing short of Divine. It was fast and furious. One day …

For Real Food-Resistant Men

This is a post my wife has been urging me to write for a while now. Quite frankly, it’s been put off long enough. It’s time you ladies had a guy backing you up! I’m happy to oblige…at least now I am. I’m fairly positive that the majority of the readers of this post will be female, but I encourage my lady friends to take comfort in its words, then shove them in your partner’s face.

Finding Friends & Freedom in a Restricted Diet

Finding Friends & Freedom in a Restricted Diet

Notice today’s post is not titled “How to Find Friends and Freedom in a Restricted Diet”. I’m not qualified to teach anyone how to do that. I’m simply sharing from my heart about the journey I’ve been on and how I somehow found both when and where I least expected them. I pray you will find encouragement and hope if you find yourself feeling alone, unsupported, and deprived in the midst of whatever eating style you’ve chosen.