Nourishing No-Bake Treats: FAQs

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If you’re considering a purchase of my eBook, Nourishing No-Bake Treats, and have questions before you buy, here are some questions you may be asking.

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I’m on the GAPS Diet. Will your book be useful to me?

Absolutely! In fact, you will thank your lucky stars that you found Nourishing No-Bake Treats!

All of the recipes in this book are already GAPS-friendly or can be easily modified to fit the GAPS Diet.

Most of the recipes already call for raw honey as the one and only sweetener. Those that call for a different sweetener, such as coconut sugar, coconut syrup, and maple syrup, can be modified by swapping the sweetener with an equal amount of raw honey.

I eat Paleo/Primal/Gluten-free/Casein-free/Egg-free. Can I eat these treats?

Yep! You sure can! All of these recipes are inherently gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free, soy-free, and peanut-free.

There are a couple of recipes that call for butter or ghee. If you do not tolerate butter or ghee, please feel free to replace it with another fat that you do tolerate in an equal amount, such as palm shortening or coconut oil. Also, a few recipes are topped with melted chocolate. If you use an allergy-free/dairy-free chocolate, such as Enjoy Life, you’re good to go!

I don’t have a high-powered blender. Can I still make these treats?

Yes, you can! Try using a food processor instead. If you have a regular blender, but not a food processor, use it. You may have to stop and scrape down the sides more often to get the desired consistency of the dough, but it will work.

Can I use the sweetened, shredded coconut from the grocery store? That’s all I have/can find.

No, it is very important that you use UNSWEETENED shredded coconut. Your end result will not have the right flavor or texture if you use sweetened coconut flakes, and your bites will be waaaaay too sweet. You can easily find unsweetened shredded coconut online; the brand doesn’t matter — although I’m pretty partial to the coconut from Wilderness Family Naturals. Many health food stores are now carrying unsweetened shredded coconut in their bulk aisles.

How should I store my treats and for how long?

Treats that have a topping of melted chocolate (Orange & Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate, Chocolate-Covered Cherry, Chocolate-Maple-Bacon-Nut) or coconut butter (Strawberry Lemonade, Coconut Craze) should be stored in a single layer in a covered container in the fridge or the freezer.

The nut-based bites (Chocolate-Maple-Bacon-Nut, Chocolate-Banana-Nut, Buttered Caramel Cashew) are a bit softer and squishier than the coconut-based bites and should be stored in a single layer in covered container in the freezer.

All other bites can be stored in either the fridge or freezer in any air-tight container or zip-top bag.

The bites should be good for up to a month — if by some miracle they last that long!

I would like to give your book to a friend/family member/co-worker. Can I e-mail them my copy?

I am honored that you love my book enough to share it with others! Thank you! However, it is a violation of copyright laws to e-mail copies of PDFs or other online intellectual property without paying for those copies.

Although I have no way of knowing if you do this, I would humbly ask that you do the right thing and purchase additional copies for the friends, family members, and co-workers you feel would enjoy my book. At the already awesome price of $7.99 per copy, I have tried to make this book affordable for everyone to be able to purchase extra copies to share!

Can I share your recipes/photos with others via Facebook/my personal blog/website/other social media?

Again, I’m honored that you love my recipes and photos and want to share them! All of the photos and recipes in this eBook are copyrighted and may ONLY be shared with my written permission. Because this book has just 12 recipes, I am not authorizing any recipes to be shared at this time. If you want to provide a link for others to purchase my eBook on your blog/Facebook page/etc., I am happy for you to do that! Here’s that link:

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