I Don’t Vaccinate + Why I Don’t Mind If You Do

2008 was the year it all began. We started seeing a chiropractor for my then two-year-old daughter’s constipation. This was no ordinary snap-crackle-pop chiropractor. No, this one was educationally minded. She didn’t just adjust patients’ spines; she adjusted our minds too.

As part of our family’s spinal care, we agreed to attend workshops and classes held monthly at her office. One time it was a parking lot health fair, complete with a balloon artist and a clown. Another time, we simply watched a video about the nervous system and discussed how chiropractic adjustments were holistic and beneficial for the entire body.

And then there was that vaccine workshop…

Paradigm Shift

During that workshop, we were shown lists of ingredients found in the common vaccines given to our children today. We watched videos of how mercury vapor in amalgam fillings leached over decades and never actually stopped — the same mercury that is used as a preservative in vaccines. We turned page after page of scientific study, showing that vaccines were harmful to the body — never mind the argument of whether or not they contribute to autism.

My husband and I walked out of that workshop speechless. Sure, we were dumbfounded at the junk that’s “approved” to go into vaccines. Of course we were shocked at the number of studies that proved vaccines contributed to health problems in adults and children.

We were speechless because we hadn’t thought of these things before.

Hold Up: Backstory Required.

When I was pregnant with my children, I was so focused on baby names and nursery colors and Pottery Barn bedding ensembles and which brand of stroller was best that I never put any thought into what I ate, what types of toxins were in our home, or whether or not I would vaccinate.

Doesn’t everyone vaccinate? I mean, isn’t that just what you do?

When my two little bundles of joy were handed to me, freshly bathed and wrapped in their swaddling blankets, they had just come from the hospital nursery — and had just received their first round of vaccinations.

No one asked me if I wanted them vaccinated or not. No one handed me a pamphlet on the pros and cons of vaccines. No one even discussed delayed vaccination with me during our prenatal pediatrician consults.

Like any good mother, my children never missed a well-child check-up. At two weeks, two months, four months, six months, and 12 months, you could find us sitting in the pediatrician’s office, me signing the permission form for my children to receive numerous shots, while two nurses gave two shots each in my babies’ legs at the same time.

“To lessen the trauma of the experience,” they said.

My conscience never flinched. I never questioned if this was the right choice for my family. I never even Googled anything on vaccines prior to my children receiving any of their shots.

And maybe you haven’t either. Or maybe you’re on the fence about it. Maybe you’re totally against vaccines, and maybe you’re totally for them. Maybe you’re Googling and researching vaccines right now and whether or not they’re right for you and your children.

I Don’t Vaccinate

After that vaccine workshop in 2008, we never gave our kids another shot. If the truth were told, that workshop was the catalyst for a lot of things in our lives that have never been the same since, including the way we eat. That workshop lit a fire under me, and for the first time in my life, I began to ask WHY. I went home and started researching vaccines for myself. I read countless blogs, news articles, FDA studies, CDC studies, magazine articles, and more. I talked to my mom, my friends, and my in-laws about them. I had to know what the right thing was.

And for my family, the right thing ended up being no vaccines at all. Our son was four and our daughter was three when we made the informed decision to stop administering vaccinations to our children.

We filled out the necessary legal paperwork, which for the state of Texas is a reasons of conscience form. We received our affidavits from the state, had them notarized, and they sit, to this day, in our files should we ever need them. My children can go to public or private school, camp, daycare, or anywhere else that vaccines are “required” even though they are unvaccinated because we have taken the legal steps to support our decision.

My husband and I have poured hundreds of hours of research from both sides into this decision. We are absolutely certain of our decision. ONLY if the ingredients used to manufacture vaccines were drastically changed –as in, totally and completely changed where not even a single thing remains the same except the live virus itself — we might be inclined to think about changing our minds. We’ve done our homework, and when we’re questioned or criticized about it (which we are), it doesn’t cause us to waver.

Why I Don’t Mind If You Do

Really, I don’t. As long as you know why you’re vaccinating.

You see, I was a sheep. I followed the crowd. If everyone else’s babies were getting Pottery Barn crib bedding, by golly, mine were too. If the Baby Bjorn was the best, then that’s what we were going to use too (and I ended up hating it). I put more stock in what everyone else was doing, assuming that it must be the best thing because it’s so popular.

I was fully vaccinated. My husband was fully vaccinated. And you know what our mothers said when we asked them about it?

“No, we didn’t question it. That was what you did back then.”

I really believe that their generation (those who were parents in the 70s, 80s, and 90s) was one that did what it was told, followed the rules, and didn’t ask questions. Unfortunately, that trait was passed down to many of their children.

I believe our generation is breaking out of that, though. More and more, I see people researching and asking questions before they make decisions about practically everything — from what kind of car they’re going to buy to which running shoe is best. And that’s a good trend!

I don’t care if you vaccinate or not. I don’t care if you eat organic food or not. I don’t care if you homeschool or send your kids to public school. I don’t care if you use a Mac or a PC.

But for goodness’ sake, please just know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take your chiropractor’s word for it. Don’t take your mother’s word, your pediatrician’s word, or your neighbor’s word. Find out for yourself if vaccinating is for you or not by doing your own research. Only then will you be able to stand firm and give a ready defense when anyone questions your decisions — and believe me, they will. No matter which way you choose.

*I am certain this post will stir up strong opinions on both sides, as the vaccine argument usually does. Please remember that my post did not bash, criticize, or demean those who choose to vaccinate. If you choose to comment, I expect no less of you. I am moderating all comments, and I have no problems deleting any that I feel are posted to criticize or shame others. Thank you.

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