Pineapple-Carrot-Turmeric Spritzer {aka the BEST period drink ever!}

CuisineFood As Medicine
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2 drinks
Author Lindsey Dietz



  1. First, you'll need to juice the pineapple and carrots. You need roughly 1-1/2 cups of juice to make a "concentrate" of sorts.
  2. One-fourth of a pineapple and two large carrots yielded 1-1/2 cups of fresh juice for me. You may need to use more or less pineapple and carrots, depending on the extraction method of your juicer.
  3. Alternatively, if you don't have a juicer, add the pineapple and carrots to a blender with just enough water to make it blend. Blend into a smooth pulp, then strain through a fine mesh sieve.
  4. If desired, add ice to a glass.
  5. Pour half of the juice "concentrate" into the glass.
  6. Whisk in the turmeric.
  7. Top off with sparkling mineral water and drink.

Recipe Notes

The "concentrate" makes enough for 2 spritzers. You can enjoy both in one day. Or, save the concentrate for up to 24 hours to make another spritzer tomorrow.

Discard any remaining concentrate after 24 hours.